Labour and Birth

Throughout your pregnancy we will help you and your partner prepare for the birth of your baby.  Its important to keep an open mind around your birth plan, and through discussion with your midwife we will help you decide which is the best place for you and your baby.   

Most women stay at home until they go into labour and then travel to the birth place of their choice.   When you think you are in labour, call your midwife and she will visit you at home.  This will help reassure you both that it is safe to travel.  

Evidence has shown that the more confident and relaxed you are, the more your body will do what it is made to do, when it is ready to do it!

Throughout your labour, your midwife will support and help you and your birth partners.  Her role includes helping you to give birth in the way that you would like, and to monitor your health and that of your baby.  She can help you to get into positions that are comfortable and that will help labour progress, and she can suggest ways of coping with contractions.  If your midwife feels concerned at any point that things are not progressing normally, she will liaise with the Obstetric doctors.

Once your baby has been born, your midwife will continue to support and monitor you and your baby.

Choosing where to give birth
         Giving birth at home

If you are well and have an uncomplicated pregnancy you can choose to give birth at home. At the birth, your LMC Midwife will have another midwife attend to support you and her during and immediately after the birth. Your LMC will remain with you after the birth for at least two hours.


Central Otago Maternity Unit, Alexandra

COMU is designed for healthy women who have no complications during pregnancy. It is run and staffed by midwives and obstetric nurses. They do not have facilities for epidural pain relief or caesarean sections.

COMU has a relaxed and 'home-like' atmosphere, where partners can stay. You can also transfer back to COMU for postnatal care if you have birthed in Dunedin. 


Queen Mary Maternity Unit, Dunedin Hospital

This is a tertiary unit designed for women and babies who experience complications and who may require the services of an obstetrician, anaesthetist or paediatrician as well as a midwife.  

Should you chose or be advised to birth in Dunedin, our Dunedin midwifery colleagues will seamlessly take over your care until your return home.